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Silva Life System Review: The Silva Mind Control Method

I was first introduced to the Silva Life System a couple of years ago and like you I soon found myself searching online for reviews of the “Silva Method.” Having developed a keen interest in mind science and consciousness prior to this I soon found myself enrolling as a student which was one of the best decisions I made (no joking).

The Silva Method has proven to be key in my self-development. In fact, I’ve read a lot of self help/ development books, been through numerous programs, attended events, and have even written my own publications on self-development but the Silva Method has without a doubt had the biggest impact in my life.

I’ve been through the program and completed all material within and I still regularly login to brush up on some of my favorite modules. That’s why I wanted to deliver an honest insight into the program and discuss what the Silva Method is, how it works, and how it can benefit you. I’ve also included a special discount link below.

Overview of the Silva Method

In essence, the Silva Method is a mind empowerment program. Earlier modules address managing emotions, improving sleeping patterns, and positive thinking. This alone is powerful as the right attitude and mindset will serve you well in life. As you progress you’ll start engaging in meditation and purposeful mind programming exercises with the intention of unlocking your inner-potential, creativity and intuition.

You may have read other Silva Method reviews that claim it raises IQ and helps you tap into infinite intelligence. I find it a bit far-fetched! At it’s core the Silva Method is a combination of spiritual based and mind development skills that will help you to reflect, experience advanced intuition and find inner-peace and happiness.

The program itself is a digital membership which delivers content through video and audio presentations. It’s currently branded as the Silva Life System 2.0 which is a major improvement on the earlier versions which were only made available in hard-book and digital eBooks.

Closer Look At The Silva Method

The Silva Method Review


There is much to the Silva Life System. There are 14 modules in total which each address a different facet of our lives such as negative mind programming, mind, body healing, stress management, managing emotions, advanced intuition and regulating sleep properly. It’s impossible to go into depth on each module in one post but, let’s take a look at an overview of some of the more prominent modules.

4 Steps To The Silva Life System

The 4 steps to the Silva life system is where you get into the core of the program. The earlier modules geared towards managing your stress and emotions better. As you progress you will be introduced to the long relax exercise. The long relax exercise is one of the definitive exercises within the Silva Life System. It’s a road-map as you will be taught to enter deepened meditative states which you’ll be doing on your own in later modules.

Mind, Body Management

The mind, body management beginner modules address regulating your sleep properly, and include dream control exercises. As you progress into the intermediate modules you engage in the energizing exercise which is designed to help you stay awake and alert if you feel drowsy or tired. Finally, the advanced module includes the 3 finger exercise. I wont give to much away here but I always use this exercise and for me it’s powerful.

Healing and Problem Solving

Here you’ll begin with the energizing water exercise which is renowned ever since Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto proved you can change the molecular structure of water through INTENTION alone. From there you will move into the mirror of the mind and 3 scenes exercises (visualizing). Finally, you’ll engage in the healing the past exercise which is about identifying past events or person’s which you may not have fully moved on from.

Activating Intuition

Activating Intuition is one of my favorite modules within the Silva Live System. Here you’ll learn to better attune your mind and activate your inner-creativity. There are 4 core exercises here which include; mental attunement, points of reference, mental laboratory and finally the advanced exercise which is the getting to know your counselors exercise. This is a powerful exercise used by people from all warps of life for intuition.

There are more modules to consume within the Silva Life System but these are what I believe to be the more significant (in my opinion). There’s a lot more to explore in the program but as stated I can only cover so much.

Does the Silva Method Work?

Science has proven that mind programming works. Much of our “current reality” is derived from our past and present experiences, whether you learned it from your parents, school or workplace you can be sure that your past has played a big part in your current reality! The Silva Method simply helps you reprogram your mind.

Many people including myself swear by the teachings of the Silva Method. Some even reported successfully overcoming addictions and psychological problems by applying what’s taught in the program. Even respected names such as Robert Stiller, Dr. Edward F. Knab and the New York Times have endorsed the program. I’ve personally recommended the Silva Method to friends and family who, for the most part were thankful.

At the end of the day you can attend the free online event and get a better feel for what the Silva Method entails before committing to purchasing the program. The content in the webinar alone is worth your time and will only require that you enter a name and email – no credit card details are required to sign up. Not only that but if you watch the full presentation you’ll get a special discount link where you can purchase the program for just $67.

Who Will Benefit From The Silva Method?

In all honesty the Silva Life System isn’t for weekend thinkers who’re looking for an overnight miracle. Firstly, it requires an open mind. A basic understanding of consciousness and spiritual practices such as meditation will help, although not essential if you’re willing to learn and try new things.

I don’t know what you expect to gain from the program and can’t guarantee you’ll benefit as much as me. At the end of the day the Silva Method offers training, tools and resources that can help you better yourself. However, it’s not a miracle solution to personal growth. You need to make the teachings of the Silva Method a way of life.

Wrapping It Up

If you are searching for avenues to help you develop as a person and experience abundance in many different areas of your life then the Silva Method is recommended by me. I hope you found this Silva Method review helpful. I’m a genuine user of the program. If you have questions regarding the Silva Life System then feel free to shoot me an email via the Contact Us page.

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The Silva Method is one of the leading self-development programs which has to date been used by over 6 million people globally. Is this the next stage in your evolution? Me and 6 million others think so.

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